I don’t have time for this post.

But I feel bad. This blog is turning into that collage you cut everything out for and then never actually make. It sucks. So here’s a minor update.

What am I into these days? Flannels and form-fitting skirts together. Chunky knit tights. Anything easy, cozy, and soft. Slightly “hardcore” but feminine wrist accessories.

It’s bright, I know. It’s the colorful one–I already have light and dark.

The pearl/silver is from my grandmother as a gift. The cuff has a bit of a story–my parents ended up meeting the guy who makes them at a store while looking at slightly larger heavier duty ones. They got him to make a custom one with a softer collage-y look with all the different studs. It fits my wrist perfectly, which is beyond cool.

Other than that?

It finally snowed.

In October, a galavant around Ottawa..

What else. I’m working my way through On the Road at the moment. My facebook got hacked by my editors on the newspaper and I proclaimed myself a bonafide hipster…and I was okay with that. My flannel, after all, is from Urban Outfitters (?).

The snow is back up on my page! WOot.

Since my last post, I guess a lot of things haven’t changed. But then again a lot of things are different.


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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”--Aaron Sisking

“When the Devil quotes Scriptures, it’s not, really, to deceive, but simply that the masses are so ignorant of theology that somebody has to teach them the elementary texts before he can seduce them”–Paul Goodman

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