New Year’s Eve with Katie and Jess

I guess after two years, it could be said that my cousins and I have a little tradition of them coming up for New Year’s.

First night this year was much better than last year. First, it was a LOT warmer. Also, we had better judgement as far as what to choose to see and not see, although we missed our favorite show from last year, a three man bluegrass group.

Afterwards, we tidied up my room a little bit (good to start the year with a clean room) and then chilled out drinking san pellegrino.

so I cheated..this was from earlier that morning, baking cookies with the boys.

A new sweater vest. I am in love with it. It’s mens, from Sid Vintage, and it is SO soft.

With Jess.

They gave me novelty socks for Christmas. The shoes are Steve Madden.

not sure what’s going on with my cheek, but those are my new earrings again.

The pins are from my grandmother. An accordian and a gold and pearl circle.

With Katie


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