The hat.

Hello dearies! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been on vacation for the past 8 days.

It always makes me kinda happy when I finally figure out how to wear something I bought a year before. Two of these happened in the last 8 days. One, a skirt which I will certainly end up posting later in the season, and this hat. I bought it at a boutique in Soho, and the one time I wore it before this was in Israel. It was a miserable day, and my haircut didnt work with it, and just everything was bad, so I felt so intimidated by this hat. But finally, finally, I figured it out. My mom call it the edgy Queen Elizabeth Hat. It is Heaslip, and is wired and you can pack it easily because the top comes down so it is flat.

Here are some other photos…check the yellow nailpolish. It was perfect 🙂

The first four days were in Islamorada. I spent them in this hammock reading and listening to music in the mornings and on the couch watching reruns of CSI: NY and eating plantain chips and cinnamon toast crunch and drinking pineapple juice in the afternoons. It was glorious.

Tan legs! Unfortunately, they didnt last. And yeah, for me, that is tan. Now you get how deathly I am. LOL.

Right above my head while lying in the hammock.

We woke up early for sunrise the morning we left.

Then we went to Key West, which is full of fabulous island architecture.

Then it was to Miami (which I have no photos of…boring place. lol.) And then the Everglades.

In other news, those awesome black rose earrings I got have a bent post. Im exchanging them for another pair today.

On still other news, my right hand is falling asleep. Why, I dont know because I am still typing with it.

And in yet still other news, I should have a relatively detailed spring shopping list done by the weekend.


1 Response to “The hat.”

  1. March 19, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Yay for you. It looks as though you have done it well, and worth the wait and figuring it out. You look smashingly regal.

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