Oscars 2009

Tim Gunn is my world. Just so you know.

oh lordy. these accountant dudes with the envelopes…just…oh dear.

Meryl Streep is fabulous. Her daughter is gorgeous!

Jack Black seems like such a tool sometimes; the only movie I like him in is The Holiday. It is fun to see him make the weird interviewer people feel awkward… I knew they would go vintage!!! I mean, granted, I am happy, but they are romanticizing the depression which is…controversial for sure. We’re seeing it in fashion, hair, makeup, interior decor, and now the Oscars. Holy Swarovskis. That is the most amazing thing…

Hugh Jackman is so cuute!!!! And he so funny…”I’m an Australian…playing an Australian…in a movie called Australia…” Oh my God who knew Hugh Jackman could do this stuff? Oh my God this is SO funny. I am dying. Anne Hathaway can sing!!! LOL he’s cracking up…Hugh Jackman has the best hair…other than Patrick Dempsey, of course… That was fabulous.

Oh Brangelina. It’s sometimes funny to see them in real life, not just in the tabloids…Sort of like Oh yeah they really do exist.

Tilda Swinton..I love her voice. She seems just so perfectly confident. And who knew she could pull off hair the same color of her skin…I always love her clothes. Nobody does, really, and I don’t like them for them, but for the way that she wears them. SO many celebs are worn by their gowns on these nights, but she can take a crazy outfit that would look ridic on anybody else and it works!

PENELOPE CRUZ. So glad she won for Vicky Cristina Barcelona…I love her dress, but her hair looks so blah…funny too. On a later note, that dress would make an AMAZING wedding dress.

Oh my God. Steve Martin and Tina Fey: two of my favorite comedians ever. Tina looks amazing. This is really cute formatting, having the text go over the film clip. Oh yay Milk won something! That was an amazing movie–oh and the writer is so young!!

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is pretty un-OK (she looks like she just got back from a beach party) but I love her dress.

The sets for this show are really amazing…I love the one they are using for the art direction award.

EEEEEE costume design. My favorite. And of course The Duchess wins because it’s a period movie…lucky Keira Knightley keeps getting to wear the most amazing costumes in all her period movies…

WHAT THE HEEEEEEELL!!!! MY POWER WENT OUT!! I just saw a snip of an interesting looking montage, but who the hell knows. OK lets see if this will stay…

Creepy coke ad. Oh yay the adorable Master Card ad!!!!

You’re joking me. Ben Stiller’s beard. Nat Portman’s hair looks so pretty. OH THEY’RE MAKING FUN OF JOAQUIN PHOENIX. Oh noo…this is painful. Master card ads are by far my absolute favorite ads ever ever.

That lost dog one almost made me cry. OH Jessica Biel. BAD dress.

Well that was an interesting little…something something (the Pineapple Express bit). Ha Seth Rogen cracked up at James Franco failing at the German pronunciation of that guy’s name…

Ah Beyonce…she so sexy, but does she have to perform at EVERYTHING? And what is this with Hugh Jackman being so friggin multi-talented? I LOVE IT. The musical movie medley was cute, but I heard somewhere that Beyonce was lip synching…I didn’t watch close enough hehe. But oh dear, Vanessa Hudgens makes me want to shoot somebody, preferably her. She doesn’t deserve Zac Efron. He’s so cute—nice hat fall at the end there. And they ended playing the 1812 overture…always makes me think of V for Vendetta.

That Bertolli ad: Italian food…using a piece from an opera that is in French and set in Spain. Will society ever learn?

I love montages. I think they are my favorite part. Kevin Kline my life!!! I really am enjoying the format/sets/ etc of this year’s show. I think it’s the best I have seen so far…

My dad on Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s hat: “Why is he wearing that yarmulke?”

Ah Cuba Gooding Jr. Cute rip on Robert Downey Jr: a white man playing a white Australian man playing a Black man in black face… Oh Heath Ledger…this is sweet, his family accepting it for him. Audience Members crying: Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt, Adrien Brody, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, well, everybody else. Yeah. His mother’s dress is beautiful.

Bill Maher seems like such a tool. Those are some hardcore teeth on the director of Betrayal..

That was adorable—“The Shortest Speech in Oscar History: Yes!” The guy on the wire…I want him to be my best friend.

Oh Bill stop being bitter for not having been nominated.

That Jimmy Kimmel ad was RIDICULOUS. Tom Cruise is so hot. But still a whacko.

Car chase montage! Party UP. Oh oh oh Will Smith is SO CUTE. And funny. I love when they screw up and make a joke out of it. BOOM goes the dynamite!

Hehe the adorable little Indian guy accepting for the sounds in Slumdog is awesome.

Eddie Murphy is a cool dude. But yo what is with the Coldplay songs in the montages? Jerry Lewis doesn’t look particularly well…

Movie soundtracks do make the movie. I mean, I can just listen to the soundtrack of the old Romeo and Juliet and it makes me tear up. Watching with the film itself, too, just sends me over the edge.

Loving the Indian dance performance….plus…John legend..um.

Queen Latifah I love you! She was the sexiest thing ever in Chicago, which makes me so happy. IS SHE GONNA SING?? OH MY GOD SHE’S SINGING!!!!!!!!

Reese Witherspoon is so gorgeous!!! A little too much makeup, and a sort of…princess fairytale dress, but still beautiful.

Of course Slumdog Millionaire won. That was cute, taking the award in the manner of Tigger for his children. Best Actress! Butterflies! Oh GOD. Sophia, what did you do to yourself. Of course Marion Cotillard is frigging GORGEOUS (I’m not a fan of the entire dress, but from the neckline up..or waist…i dunno.) Nicole Kidman looks good too.

KATE WINSLET. When they said her name, I actually yelled for joy. I am so glad she FINALLy won something. Kate, can you please be my best friend? Or my mentor? Or something? She is so genuine…

YUM. Adrien Brody is the sex. But only with short hair.

To be frank, I have no opinion for the winner of Best Actor…I feel so guilty for not having seen any of these movies. YES. SEAN PENN SO DESERVED THAT. Milk was an incredible movie. It was unexpected though. Sweet, he hit the prop 8 fools. Well done.

If he weren’t Stephen Spielberg, Stephen Spielberg would be the most adorable old man. I mean, he still is adorable, it’s just that he is surrounded by so much.. As I said before, these montages are so much fun. Slumdog Millionaire won. What a shocker. Woopee. BUT OMG ALL THE SMALL CHILDREN! They are so adorable!!! And my mum mentioned, they aren’t jaded like everybody else in the audience…watching the boy who was in the main role, he was so genuinely excited by everything. It was wonderful to see. Is it wrong and falsely hopeful to say that I think a new era is coming over Hollywood?

Regarding Fashion: Here are a few more looks I loved…

Evan Rachel Wood (as always)

Anne Hathaway

Marissa Tomei–have you ever seen such fabulous pleat-age??

Movies I STILL need to see: The Reader

Revolutionary Road

Slumdog Millionaire

In Bruges

Benjamin Button


The Duchess

Pineapple Express

Dark Knight

Man On Wire

Quantum of Solace

The Visitor


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