Random Conglomerate of some outfits I haven’t posted

Since the end of winter break my life has been pretty hectic, as you may have guessed frommy lack of understanding of the runway schedules and my disappearance. not that anybody reads this anyway.

This is the 3-4 dollar skirt I got at Salvation Army–my only amazing fantastic find at a thrift store, and it was recent…maybe my thrift store luck is going up. That would be nice. I really wanted a classic pearl layered necklace, and I didn’t quite acheive, given my limited amount of long necklaces, but I am on the search for a big huge fake pearl necklace that goes down to where the double stranded necklace that I just spread out goes.
Green S.A. skirt

And nevermind that the pleats sort of show off my little tummy bulge…I was cautious about wearing those boots on there own, ie without pants over them…I thought they would make me look short. And maybe they do…but they lend a military edge..or rather the blue skirt lends a feminine but clean cut edge to the military look created by the boots and the grey button epaulette dress..
Sweater dress tucked into turquoise skirt merrells 1null

Here is the Target-Thakoon collab. skirt I got a while ago…it’s mentioned at the end of the video. I am still trying to figure out how to wear it…after this photo was taken I ran upstairs and threw on a simple black scoop neck long sleeved tshirt. it worked much better. And ignore the face…this was in the morning before school, so mum was rushing and didnt take the time to let me strike a pose.
Thakoon Skirt

During the show, I had mad hairspray every night, and so I would wash it out later that night and sleep on my hair wet and then throw it up in a bun. Eventually, I realized that maybe I could set it up a certain way where my hair worked coming out of bed. Of course, there is no way I will ever again be able to recreate the look of this, but I do get close. Sometimes. I think with this, the trick was that it sat and dried for an hour before I actually put my head on the pillow and slept. Either way, it was amazing and I will keep trying to perfect that look. I’m getting a haircut soon, but I just want to get it reshaped so I can grow it out some more.
Slept on hair 1Slept on hair 2

I often throw in some pin curls..they don’t work for wearing hair down, but for buns or side p’tails, they give me tendrils. Which is always good.
pin curls

Stay “tuned” if you will for a list of what I am looking for this spring.

And on that note, here is some random spring makeup I did in the middle of January..
spring makeup 1


6 Responses to “Random Conglomerate of some outfits I haven’t posted”

  1. 1 Molly
    March 29, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    you are lookin SO fierce with those eyes girl 😉
    i LOVE IT when i find a good steal at the salvation army. makes my day every time. that skirt is amazing! it looks like it was made for your body! i cant believe i didnt see this post sooner!!!!!!
    love the boots you paired it with, where they from?
    love the floral skirt.

    if you ever meet ill probs be rockin the same look– i generally copy everything i see you wear. no like everything. now that its spring i need some new ideas… get on it.

    ps. nice bod
    pps. without your guidance i wouldnt know how to get dressed in the morning, for gods sake.

    love ya,
    your most faithful reader,
    oh and my friend is reading now too- evangela. she loves your stuff too.

    ppps. what do you think of neon nailpolish?
    pppps. that sounds like peepee

  2. 2 scorbynw
    March 29, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    The boots with the plaid skirt are from Aerosoles (I LOVE them).

    Its so great to know that I am so inspiring 🙂

    Thanks for turning more people onto me!

  3. 3 Mindy
    July 9, 2009 at 4:22 am

    Hey babe I know this’ll sound weird from me but you wear too much black it drowns out some wonderful pieces. With that multi colored skirt- the trick is that you choose any color from the skirt just ONE though and wear that, it matches and allows the colors to pop. With that blue skirt, I see more of a school girl look with those boots, it’s darling. The gray tights wash it out because the skirt is a gray tone, you’d want to wear something else on the color spectrum in order for the skirt to pop, maybe black or brown (brown is a nono with the black shoes) possibly a navy blue or just a normal flesh colored tight. That skirt is on your thickest part so you’ll look rounder than you are the trick for that is actually wearing it at your waist/ smallest part. That way your bust is more prevalant making you look slimmer and the skirt isnt bulging, maybe you could use that gorgeous silver belt I saw you wearing on one of your other posts. ^^

    I’m studying to be a fashion/ fashion design major. Fashion is my life. I’m either attending Ringling or SCAD after my senior year. (this year)

    By the way how do you get your hair to be so blonde? I won’t dye mine and I’ve tried a ton of stuff.


  4. 4 scorbynw
    July 9, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    With the floral skirt, I eventually found a bright pink v-neck sweater. Feather weight, so not too bulky and keeps the focus on the skirt.

    Also, I completely disagree with the no brown-black mixing rule. I haven’t tried with tights and shoes, though.

    I don’t understand what you mean by wearing the silver belt with that skirt. There is a large bow at the waist, that does NOT come off.

    And regarding the blue skirt, I realize that there are greyer tones. That entire look was an attempt at a dull look. That sounds bizarre, I know, but for me right now, fashion is experimental. More like art than following rules.

    As for being blonde, I was sort of, you know, born that way. But I do throw in some paint in highlights (my mom paints them in) every once in a while.


  5. 5 Mindy
    July 11, 2009 at 12:54 am

    The blue skirt has a bow? Where?
    I totally understand the experimental thing you’d probably die if you saw some of the crazy stuff I wear. XD

  6. 6 scorbynw
    July 11, 2009 at 1:14 am

    No, the flowered skirt has a bow.

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