Geometric Fashions/NYC trip

Makes me think of the ting tings. or those little vinyl shapes you would stick onto that piece of glossy black cardboard…it was that gift your aunt or your dad’s cousin gave you when you were young trying to be intellectual and artsy and hip but you were only like 5 so you didnt really give a damn…then it sat in the back of your closet for years and then you pulled it out and tried to be excited about it in an attempt to be intellectual and artsy and hip (for a 9 year old, at least) but then the pieces got lost. Then a year or two later when that aunt or father’s cousin came over, you pulled it out, and both of you realized together how lame the thing was. ANyway, that was a link a friend of mine gave me *shout out Char* and I thought it was cool, but if I wanted to get something like that, I would just go to Salvation Army, buy a lot of colored Tshirts from the 80s and piece them together myself.

Folks, this is a repeat of my NYC post on my regular blog, so read on if you havent read that yet and if you have yay for you.

So I went into NYC Christmas Day to chill in midtown, something i have never really done. We ALWAYS go to Soho without fail because I ALWAYS go with my mom and her friend and they ALWAYS want to go to the decorating stores down there (Room and Board is great and pillow-and-lamp-shade-orgasm inducing, but really not that great for an hour, especially when Hey, I don’t actually NEED any of that stuff) I don’t know where I am in this sentence so sorry about grammar weirdness alright. So we went to see the windows, of course. There were too many to list but the really amazing ones were, of course, Bergdorf. They were amazing. I know they were somewhat debated. Some people hated some people loved..I loved. I did have my camera, but I realized that photos really wouldn’t do them justice. I apologize, but every so often I get all *live in the moment* and later regret not pulling out my camera. So if you have the chance to make a day trip into NYC, I suggest: seeing the light show in Grand Central Station Terminal, Bergdorf, Saks, Bendel (didnt like it much but sort of cool), and just sort of around Bergdorf and the Plaza and all. Nice collection around there.


still not as good as irl but STILL.


1 Response to “Geometric Fashions/NYC trip”

  1. 1 camille
    January 2, 2009 at 4:21 pm


    c’est trop cool!!!!!!

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