Ugly Shoes that Never Deserved to be Created: Crocs and all things to do with them plus a non sequitor

This is a new themed series post. I dunno if it will carry on, but I didn’t enough to make one post so.

To begin with, we have of course, the Crocs. Established ugly shoe of the world: for those who don’t care.

yeah I don’t think I have anything more to say.

Cruggs: The horrid combination of Crocs (established ugly shoe of the world) and Uggs (which I used to hate and am now pretty neutral about–yeah they are effing comfortable)

And now our Non Sequitor: Peep Toe Uggs. First of all, these make NO sense AT all. I mean, the whole point of uggs is to keep your feet warm, and which part of your foot gets cold first? the toes. So uh…wtf mate?

Croc Heels: Just…just very very bad.

Wow. I’m surprised that whoever made that caption admitted that Crocs are ugly, and yet STILL believed that the heels were beautiful.


1 Response to “Ugly Shoes that Never Deserved to be Created: Crocs and all things to do with them plus a non sequitor”

  1. 1 E
    February 28, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Haha, who created these things xD

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